Exchange is the core of everything we do.


Industry professionals can use our self-serve platform to manage their offers and traffic channels. Every section, feature and functionality of the platform is designed for remote and shared use. In addition to that specially dedicated help areas provide valuable explanations and tips how to use the platform in the optimal way.

Analytics and intelligence

Our reports and statistics give you insights how your different marketing channels contribute to conversions. Analyzing conversion paths and in-app events allows you to create, adjust and tailor attribution models. You can customize the extent and granularity of your reporting and data mining to suit your monitoring requirements.

Traffic pooling on a borderless marketplace
creates infinite possibilities


Based on the target audience you define, we sort all incoming traffic in real-time by device and geolocation and redirect it to the right destination. The seamless redirecting maximizes your Return on Ad Spend.


As we are only paid for conversions it is in our best interest to have a world-class online and mobile tracking. Every percent of tracking accuracy counts. Therefore we combine cookie-based and cookieless tracking methods in a unique tracking hierarchy.


Our API allows publishers and clients to access ("read") and use ("edit") our platform remotely. These web service 2-way-APIs adhere to the REST architecture.


Going global with your offers often means that your publisher payouts have different currencies. Or maybe the publishers themselves want to be paid out in another currency. To make this happen each conversion is saved in real-time in 160 currencies.

Fraud protection

From now on you decide how much fraud you allow on your offers. If you use full-scale dynamic trading you can eradicate fraud entirely. Combined with a mandatory disclosure of the publishers traffic origin, you keep your traffic clean.

Tag management

You connect to our platform and all in-built add-ons by placing our container tag (one line of JavaScript code) on your website. Our tag management shows you all tags in the container at any moment and allows you to add and remove tags within seconds.